Christiane Cloete

It is early in the morning. As I slowly wake up the first thing I see is the sun coming in through the window while the wind is gently moving our curtains. I stretch out and smell a freshly brewed cup of Rooibos tea besides my bed.

But wait… That´s my dream!

Normally my mornings start before the sun is up. I want to say this is due to the fact that I LOVE to be up early to start working while everything is still quiet and the world has not woken up yet. But for the time being it is because our kids are up early. With three kids of our own and foster children staying with us every now and then, there´s always a lot of life and laughter around our house which is just so nice!

I am a family guy through and through and I love to have my family and also my friends around, spending time with them and making memories.

But I also really enjoy time by myself and some peace and quiet, which is why I would consider myself an introvert with some pretty extroverted characteristics. 😀

Besides that, I am also a very emotional person, crying over movies and books and how cute my kids are, getting excited about the craziest things and laughing until my belly hurts.

I love to be in nature, smelling the sweetness of flowers on a field and the earth in the forest when it is still wet from the rain.

I see beauty in all kinds of things be it big or small and the most important values to me are respect, honesty and trust.

More things I like you can find below „Heart things“.


The shacks along the highway seemed endless, the air was hot and filles with childrens laughter, music and the engine sound of cars passing by. Strange sounding languages reached my ear, spoken by women in coloful and patterned dresses and skirts. Some of them carried jars, water cans or packages on their heads. Laughing cheerfully, their eyes sparkled as they waved at us.

I had flown through the night and was tired, but too excited to actually notice that. We drove towards Table Mountain and stopped at a beautiful white house.

As I walked in he smiled at me briefly, said politely „Hello!“ and was out the door.

By that time my 19-year old heart had already done several somersaults and skipped a few beats.

On that evry first day already I couldn´t wait for him to get back home from work. I wanted to get to know him better!

I didn´t know at the time, that he was feeling exactly the same.

The following months were exciting and filled with many new impressions. I had been to South Africa only once before but to a totally different area than Cape Town.

During the day I would work with children of all ages in different suaqtter camps and when Danny was done working he´d be my tourist guide. We spent a lot of time at the sea, sitting in the sand, talking, making music, watching the waves and the sunset.

Our conversations were deep and at some time if was clear: We are made for each other. He is all I ever imaged. In his arms I can completely relax and forget everything around me.

He´s the strong rock that´s there whenever I need him, that holds my hand no matter what and that supports me and encourages me tremendously. Ensuring that I have all that I need to follow my dream he watches my back and is with me every step of the way. From this very first day that I saw Danny till today it is the same: Back then just like today I can not wait for him to get back home after work and spend every minute with the man that stole my heart in Africa!

Favorite things