HELLO 2018!!!

I am sitting here on this New Year´s morning with half of my family still asleep (the other ones peacefully playing) and am filled up with gratitude for this last year. Sure it had it´s hard and sad parts but even for those I am grateful cause I know that they add to the story of my life, shaping me in a special way opening my eyes to the beauty of things and make me appreciate everything even more.

Over the past decade I don´t think I have ever made any New Year´s Resolutions. I firmly believe that if you wanna start something or change something you can do that at any day of the year, you don´t need the 1st of January for that.

But – this year somehow starts out different. I don´t know wether it is that I am more sentimental but I somehow feel that I should make better use of my life. Do more meaningful things. Things that last. And I don´t wanna take life too seriously. Spend more time with friends and my family.

Stuff like that!

What are your resolutions? Do you have any? Or are you more like I was these past years?

In any case I hope that your 2018 is filled with joy and hope, golden sunrises, beaches and mountain tops, lots of laughter, friends and highlights you will never forget! <3

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