How to be okay with things going wrong on your wedding day

Wait what? What should go wrong for crying out loud! It´s your wedding day, it has to be perfect!

That´s the misconecption I hear most often. The perfect day. The most beautiful day of your life. You know what? I don´t think so. If it was, wouldn´t that mean that all days following weren´t as beautiful? That you might end up trying to recreate the beauty and uniqueness of that one day?

In my opinion, perfect does not exist. There is no such thing as the perfect day. What might seem perfect to you, could be a desaster to someone else.

There are always things you won´t have any control over. The weather for example. What if it rains on your wedding day? What if the best man breaks his leg the day before the wedding? Or the flower girl throwing a tantrum in the middle of the aisle?

Being okay with things going wrong or not according to plan is a matter of attitude.

Will you be miserable and sad? Or will you look outside your bedroom window in the morning, notice the rain and still put a smile on your face. Because you decide that it´s gonna be an amazing day no matter what.

Just ask yourself: „Why do I think this (the rain) is bad? Why does it make me sad?“

Is it because of the photoshoot later in the day? The weather can still change! And if it doesn´t, believe me, us photographers love the challenge of a rainy wedding day. We have a few tricks up our sleeve that will make your wedding pictures amazing no matter what!

And if you´re still not quite happy about rain in your images you can just schedule an after-wedding shoot for a few days or weeks later and try for a sunny day again!

Or did you want your niece to smile beautifully in your wedding images as a flower girl and now she´s lying in between the chairs screaming and you have to step over her to walk to the back?

The thing is – and that´s what I also always tell my kids – „could have“, „should have“ and „would have“ won´t get you anywhere.

What´s done is done and decisions that you made months ago (like setting the date or deciding who was gonna be the flower girl) have been made and for good reasons! So don´t doubt yourself or your decisions!

In most cases there are simple solutions when something is not going according to plan. Even if the timeline is off and you notice you won´t be able to have enough time before dinner, you can have your maid of honor ask the catering team to push dinner back 30 minutes.

And if all your best efforts to save to situation fail, always remember: It is YOUR wedding day! In hindsight, every imperfection is gonna be a part of the big picture of your wedding day making it even more special and unique!