I am saying THANK YOU – with a give-away for you!

At the end of this year I want to say THANK YOU (also with a give-away, but more about that at the end of this post)!

THANK YOU to all couples I had the honor to photograph this year! That I delivered beautiful images to and whose luck I was able to participate in and capture.

THANK YOU to all vendors I had the honor of woring with this year, either at weddings or for free projects!

I am very happy and thankful for this year, how I developed and what I learned. I invested a lot in education and workshops and am so happy to serve my future clients even better.

I spent a lot of time with personality developement and found out, what´s important to me, what´s the driving source behind my business and life and who fits me as a client.

Family-wise, our daughter started school this year (meaning we have two kids in school now) and our son Kindergarten. Big steps on the way to developing their own personalities and it is so beautiful to see them grow up!

Very moving for me was, of course, December. After my friend Julia had gotten the diagnosis this summe, that she had metastasis in her lung, pelvic bone and spine, she died on December 6th. I lost my longest friend (we had known each other since we were 13), her husband lost his wife and three kids their Mama. As calming as it is to know that she now doesn´t have any pain anymore, it still hurst that she´s gone.

Nonetheless I am looking back on this year with thankfullness and with hope and confidence I am looking forward to 2018.

It is gonna be new and exciting and different yet the same, but in any case beautiful. With every year we write the story of our lives a little further. I want to be able to say that I did my best to make it an awesome story.

AND: I am so happy and thankfull that YOU, my clients (Denise and Jan, Natalie and Dominik, Sabrina and Dennis, Doro and Chris, Ramona and Daniel, Teresa and Michele, Lena and Shane, Miriam and Steffen, Mona and Robert, Nina and Jakob, uvm….), appreciate me so much and that´s why I want to give something back! The first couple that books me in January for their 2018 wedding I will give an Engagement Shoot (Find reasons why an enagement shoot is important HERE)!

What you should do now: Contact me HERE with your wedding date and a few details about your wedding so we can get in touch and get to know each other!

BUT: Even if you´re not getting married I have something for you: You can win a HOMESTORY (which means a photoshooting in your own home)! Until January 10th 2018 you can send me why you think YOU deserve to win the Homestory, what´s special about you and/or what has impressed or moved you in 2017. OR you enter for someone else and tell me why you think that couple should win. Maybe they had a rough 2017 or are always there for other people or show impressive social enagagement… The most beautiful story, or the couple the story is about, will win the Homestory (excluded are travel costs and the shooting has to take place in 2018).

For that, too, you should contact me via the contact form on my website! I can´t wait to hear from you!

To 2018!

PS: I really had a hard time to pick just a few images so I ended up just uploading the first 16 now. So, here are a few of my favorite images from 2017 weddings!