Tips for your Destination Wedding

You have probably already seen a few of your friends getting married. So you have a few ideas about what you could do for your wedding. But you are adventurous and love to do things differently than others. That´s why you are looking for options that give your wedding that special character. A genious idea is to get married abroad and do a destination wedding. You don´t even have to fly too far away and might already get different kinds of trees and plants, beach and sea and a vibe that you don´t have at home. And just like that the overall feeling of the wedding is different!

But how do you go about getting married aborad?

Here are a few tips:

Generally you have to differenciate between getting married legally in a different country or doing the legal part in your home country but having the wedding celebrations in a country of your choice.

If you wanna do a legal wedding in a foreign country make sure you get all the right documents in order. The documents you need can vary according to the country you wanna get married in.

The best idea would probaby be to contact your local courst house and ask them what you need. If you are german wanting to get married in a different country you can go to the page of the “Bundesverwaltungsamt” and access the information for the country of your choice there.

If you did the legal part already and „just“ want to have your wedding celebrations in a country other that your home country, it is much easier when it come to the documents needed.

You have to take other things into consideration though.

First of all: The weather. Find out when the weather is most reliable in the country of your choice. It could be dissappointing, to plan a wedding at the beach and then be surprised by a thunderstorm.

When is the temperature most enjoyable? What about humidity?

You wanna get married in Denmarc in May? Although the setting is beautiful with the beach and dunes there often is a strong wind. This should be taken into consideration when you decide how you want your hair to be done! 😉

You can look for gorgeous wedding locations via instagram for example. Just use # and the the country of your choice. Or #destinationwedding. That way you can find inspration on how other people got married where you are planning to get married.

Also via google „destination wedding mallorca“ or „beach weddding …“ (insert country) can help you a lot. You can also search for wedding venues directly if you look for „wedding venue tuscany“, or via instagram #weddingvenuetuscany.

About the planning on site: You know your wedding location and the venues coveres the planning of the wedding, perfect! If it doesnßt I cannot recommend hiring a wedding planner enough. Not only are you far away and the organisation of every single details requires more effort, you also might not know about local conditons.

Would you need a permit for the wedding at the beach or getting married on a mountain? Can you do an open fire in the evening?

In all those cases when you can not get back to one single person at your venue to ask them, or when you are getting married somewhere else than where you´re sleeping a wedding planner is such a convenient solution! She can make sure that all of these concerns are taken care of and she can often recommend other vendors to you. That way you save time and money because you don´t have to look for them yourself and you know they are good. She will take care of the organisational stress which will free you up to do other things and stay calm and relaxed! (I also highly recommend a wedding planner if you´re getting married in your own country. For exactly these same reasons!)

About the photographer and videographer: Because these people are working with you directly and also have to be able to talk to the guests during the family photos and to you dring the couple phot session it is indispensable that they speak your language or that you can communicate in English at least! Otherwise you will have to rely on a translator who would also have to tag along fr the photoshoot. This could not only make you feel uncomfortable to have someone else there but also you would loose precious time during him/her translating what the photographer/videographe rasks of you. Ona sidenot: I also always enjoy a good travel adventure and would come along to photograph your wedding! Just go to „Contact me“ and write me an Email telling me about your pland and wishes! 😉

Last but not least: The invitation for your wedding guests! You got list with your guests ready (probably much less than you would have invited when getting married at home which will make for a beautifully intimate ceremony!), you know the date and the country or location.

Now what shoud you write in the invitations?

Apart from date and location there should be a bit more information on the invitations to make travelling for your guests easier:

What weather should they expect?

What are necessary things to pack (sun lotions, mosquito spray, …)?

Would you expect the guys to als attend your tuscany wedding in a suit and tie or would you prefer a more casual attire?

Which airport is closest to your location?

How do your guests get to your location from the airport? Is there a taxi? Or a shuttle bus from the hotel and/or your location?

What expenses do they have to expect concerning the hotel?

And as a bonus you can design a paper or a little booklet with tourist attractions and destinations for a little outing nearby, which the guests can visit during the days following or leading up to your wedding.

I hope these tips were helpful and that they sparked the thirst for adventure in you!