The Vision Workshop with Nadia Meli in Cornwall

I am sitting at the airport in London – waiting to board my plane home.

The Vision Workshop in Cornwall has come to an end.

It was a week full of new things, new impressiones, meeting strangers, leaving friends.

I have found a piece of me I didn´t know I had lost. As emotionally exausting as it was opening up and making way for difficult feelings that I usually rather avoid, I am sitting here releaved if not cleansed and am excited to have made the desicion to go to Cornwall.

We would talk and laugh (oh, lots of laughing) and cry – grow closer than I thought you could with a group of individuals having never met before.

Almost all of us were wedding photographers but it wasn´t about that. It was way deeper than work and all things connected with it. There was nothing superficial, no questions about settings or gear just heartfelt emotions and getting closer to who we are and where we´ve come from.

Besides amazing input and hard work, we enjoyed amazing food (Thank You, Eddi!) and a landscape that I only found the words breathtaking, stunning, beautiful and amazing yet none of these words described it properly.

At the end of all the landscape/workshop images you´ll find two pictures of the photoshoot we had on day 2. Each and every one of us had 30 minutes alone with the couples which was amazing! It was so much fun! Why there are only two images? Because another blogpost is coming about the photoshoot! 😉

I am planning on going back to Cornwall one day. Anyone wanna come along?

PS: Most of thee images have been taken its my iPhone. Those two were you can see the whole group were made by Eddi!

Workshop by: Nadia Meli

Models: Peggy and Kyle

Hair and Makeup by: Ione